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Moving Tips

Make a list

First step of moving is being organized. Put together a list of supplies that you need in order to get prepared, boxes, tape, bubble wrap etc.

Have plenty of supplies

Make sure you have enough supplies to last you even through moving day. Sometimes even the most prepared and organized people can forget to pack items that may slip their mind.

Utilize boxes

Use your boxes correctly. Remember although it seems like a good idea to put as much into a box as possible, it may not always be the best idea. The boxes do need to be stacked in certain instances and may run the risk of crushing if over packed.


Strategize wardrobe box use

Maximize your use of wardrobe boxes. While they are made for clothing articles you can also strategize by using them for bulky bedding.

Color coordinate

Color coordinating with stickers/labels are a great idea in having to figure out what box goes in which room. This is also a great time saver which in the end saves you money on your invoice.



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